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GL-2031 Wireless Microphone CH80 150M Range True Diversity Wireless System Metal Dynamic Microphone For DJ Stage Performances

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About this item

  • One-key radar automatic scanning technology, the system automatically scans to quickly find the interference-free frequency, the GL-2031 true diversity UHF wireless microphone has a 500-foot receiving range (open places), and 80 optional UHF frequencies (CH01-CH80) ), 400 groups of adjustable frequency points, with an interval of 0.05Mhz (538-557.75Mhz), while using 10 groups of GL-2031 microphones, there will be no signal interference. Both microphone and receiver have frequency lock function

  • Dynamic microphone: excellent performance in mid and high frequencies, restore your real voice, and can pick up normally in a strong magnetic environment. GL-2031 is specially designed for professional stage performances. The receiver has a volume adjustment button, a receiver and The transmitter is equipped with a VA LCD display

  • New function: One-key switch between handheld microphone and waistpack. One set of microphones can be used as two sets of microphones, allowing you to save more equipment costs.

  • Bodypack transmitter function-can be connected to a lavalier or headset microphone (need to be purchased separately), can output 9-12V phantom voltage, support the use of most pen-shaped condenser microphones, and turn wired condenser microphones into wireless condenser microphones (requires Buy separately)

  • To use the microphone, you need to install 2 AA batteries. Due to the prohibition of transportation of batteries, no batteries are included in the package. The display screen can display the battery power in real time, reminding you to replace the battery in time.


Product description

The GL-2031 receiver has built-in two detachable antennas and has a balanced 6.5mm line output and XLR balanced output.

True Diversity UHF Wireles Microphone has excellent sound quality, with a 500 ft receiving range (in open areas), and two antennas simultaneously receive microphone signals.

For the signal interference environment, just click the radar scan function button to automatically find the frequency points that are not interfered, and there is no need to waste more time on searching for frequencies. 80 channels can be switched arbitrarily (CH01-CH80), 400 groups of adjustable frequency points(538-557.75Mhz).

The switching function between the handheld transmitter and the bodypack transmitter, a wireless microphone is equivalent to two sets of wireless microphones, the cost is lower, this is a good choice in stage performances.


Frequency band: 513-558MHz
Modulation method: FM
Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer
Sensitivity: When the deviation is equal to 25KHz and input 6dB uV, S/N>60dB deviation: ±45kHz
Bandwidth: 24MHz
Comprehensive S/N ratio: >100 dB
Comprehensive T.H.D: <0.5% @ 1 KHz
Comprehensive frequency response: 50Hz~18kHz ± 3dB.
Input voltage: AC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Balanced: -20deV/100Ω
Unbalanced: -4dBV/5KΩ
Output socket: XLR balanced and 6.35mm unbalanced socket
Temperature range: -10 ℃ to +55 ℃

Hand-held microphone:
PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer
Power output: 10mW
Frequency response: 50Hz~18KHz
Input sound pressure: 130dB SPL
Capsule: moving coil
Power supply mode: AA battery*2
Current consumption: <110 mA

packing list:
- 1* receiver
- 2* Transmitting antenna
- 1*Handheld transmitter
- 1* adapter
- 1* Anti-slip ring
- 1*6.35mm audio cable
- 1*User Manual


Weight: 2KG

Size: 36.5*31.5*7.8cm

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