DG-25:The first choice for improving store competitiveness and performance


As the best-performing true diversity microphone in the Chinese industry, the DG-25, although slightly expensive, offers outstanding cost-effectiveness and strong market competitiveness. It serves as a powerful alternative to high-end brands and has received widespread praise and trust from numerous customers since its launch.

Enping Elegant Audio
Enping Elegant Audio

Waking up with sleepy eyes on the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, I grabbed my phone to see a new message on WeChat. It was from Mr. Deng, a client from Vietnam. He informed me that he needed 60 sets of the DG-25 urgently for shipment from a competitor's factory in two days and asked if we could expedite the order.

I instantly woke up and quickly replied to Mr. Deng, assuring him that we would do our best to coordinate. After all, the DG-25 is an outstanding product, renowned as the top-performing true diversity microphone in the Chinese industry. Although it has a minor drawback of being somewhat expensive, it has become the perfect alternative for performers who previously used high-end wireless microphones from Shure and Sennheiser. Using the DG-25 can save 70% to 80% of costs while delivering 85% of the quality of those high-end brands.

Mr. Deng is a prime example. Since he introduced the DG-25 to his store, its competitiveness has significantly increased, and business has been booming. This microphone system, with its stable wireless transmission, excellent sound quality, and long battery life, has won the hearts of many customers.

I promptly communicated with various departments within the company to ensure we could prepare the 60 sets of DG-25 for Mr. Deng as quickly as possible. After some effort, we confirmed that we could expedite the order. I eagerly shared this good news with Mr. Deng, who was very pleased.

I understand that it is precisely because of the DG-25’s exceptional performance and quality that clients like Mr. Deng trust and favor it so much. We will continue to strive to let more customers experience the charm of the DG-25, helping it become a key to more people's business success.