New PMX Series Mixers: Helping You Unlock the Audio Market


We are thrilled to introduce the newly launched PMX series mixers. This series includes 4, 6, and 8-channel models, offering you exceptional audio processing capabilities and a versatile user experience. As a new addition to the audio market, these mixers are precisely targeted at audio consumers. Discover the allure of this impressive machine.

Enping Elegant Audio
Enping Elegant Audio
Enping Elegant Audio

Product Features

  • 【+48V Phantom Power】DGNOG PMX Series Professional Audio Mixer provides an independent 48V power switch is provided to provide a stable power supply for microphones that require phantom power. Provides AUX auxiliary output, allowing you to connect other audio devices, such as active speakers, headphones, etc., to expand audio output options.

  • 【Mic & Stereo Line Inputs】Audio Mixer is equipped with 2/4/6 XLR Lines & 6.35mm combination input jack to connect mics -Supporting balanced and unbalanced signal input and has 3-band Eq adjustment . 2-channel Stereo line inputs can be connected to music players, musical instruments or other audio equipment, which is very suitable for speeches and meetings and voice recording and other scenarios to ensure clear voice transmission and high-quality recording effects.

  • 【99 DSP Effects】The versatility of our built-in DSP effects processor with 99 adjustable presets, including reverb, equalization, etc., which can be adjusted as needed to make the audio effect better.

  • 【Main Output 7-Band EQ Adjustment】Upgrade Mixer provides a total output 7-band EQ adjustment function, allowing you to finely adjust the audio to meet the needs of different audio sources. You can adjust parameters such as bass, midrange, and treble according to actual conditions to make the audio effect clearer and more balanced.

  • 【Usb/Flash Reader/MP3 Compatibility】This personal mixer has a USB soundcard and audio interface to record and connect to MAC or PC and it has universal digital audio file compatibility. Audio mixer also can record audio signals to a USB device to facilitate post-processing and playback.

  • 【Bluetooth Wireless Connection】4-channel DJ audio mixer enable to wirelessly stream music from Pad, Phone,Tablets and more bluetooth device. It has built-in control like Play/Pause/switch songs and Modes.Bluetooth works within 15ft.

Product Advantages

The PMX series mixers excel in low-noise testing, delivering clear and clean audio output in various environments. Compared to similar products, they show advantages in multiple aspects such as price, materials, features, and sound quality. This has given us great confidence in the series, and feedback from customer sample tests since its launch has confirmed this.

Enping Elegant Audio
Enping Elegant Audio


The new PMX series mixers have already gained recognition from many customers for their outstanding sound quality and powerful features. We look forward to working with you to create a better audio world together. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us.