Top-tier sound quality at your fingertips! The E900 drum microphone kit, with its affordable price, lets your talent shine!


In sunny California, Toea passionately taps his beloved drumsticks. As a seasoned drummer, his pursuit of sound quality is nearly obsessive. However, the top-tier drum microphone kits on the market are prohibitively expensive, leaving him and his fellow drummer friends disheartened.

Friend, if you are a drummer who also needs a drum microphone kit in your daily practice, do you feel the same way?

Just as Toea was caught in this dilemma, the E900 drum microphone kit finally arrived! This product not only matches the look and sound quality of SENNHEISER's top E900 series, but it also costs only one-third of the price, finally giving Toea and his friends the chance to experience top-notch recording quality at an affordable price.

With the excellent technology of top domestic sound engineers, the E900 kit consists of one E902 bass drum microphone, four E904 snare drum microphones, and two E914 small diaphragm condenser microphones. It provides comprehensive sound pickup, delivering outstanding sound reproduction for drummers.

Below are detailed pictures of the E900 drum microphone kit for you to feast your eyes on...

Serbian drummer Eliane is a loyal fan of the E900 kit. He reports that the E900 not only rivals top brands in sound quality but is also incredibly cost-effective, making it a favorite among audiophiles.

For international leading brands like SENNHEISER and SHURE, their drum microphone kits often cost several times more than the E900, making them astronomical figures for ordinary music enthusiasts. Our E900 kit targets this price gap, matching top-tier quality while being much more affordable, making it the ideal choice for music lovers.

Whether at home or abroad, the E900 kit strikes the perfect balance between quality and price. It not only matches international top-tier craftsmanship but also comes at a significantly lower price than similar products, allowing your musical talent to shine!

In short, the E900 drum microphone kit has won over many drummers and audiophiles, including Toea, with its excellence. It is not only an outstanding product that rivals the best but also a testament to our pursuit and interpretation of ultimate sound quality. We believe that in the future, it will open the doors to top-tier sound for more people, conveying the power of music!

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