3.6SP-audio processor

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3.6SP Technical parameters:

3.6SP uses advanced DSP technology, from 24 bit, 48kHz delta-sigma A/D converter and 128 times oversampling. Digital processing includes: gain, polarity conversion, parametric equalizer shelving filter, time delay, frequency division function, compression, limitation and signal routing, all processing is through a pair of 120MHz high-performance DSP processors. The D/A converter uses a 24-bit delta-sigma converter and 128 times oversampling. All inputs and outputs use balanced XLR interfaces to prevent radio frequency interference. You can adjust the gain, delay or 6-segment equalization of each input channel (each segment can be selected as parametric or high/low shelving). Before setting the crossover point, the signal can be routed within the DSP , The signals of two or more input channels can be mixed and then routed to the output channel. In the output channel, 4 sections of equalization (each section can be selected as parametric or high/low shelving), delay, gain, Modules such as inverters or compressors have such powerful DSP processing functions, but only 1U in height, and all audio interfaces use standard XLR interfaces.

3.6SP can store up to 30 presets. The preset file adopts a "snapshot" method to completely store all the control data of all current channels.

3.6SP is a powerful and easy-to-operate processor. Whether it is for live performances or for fixed installations, it provides precise audio processing capabilities and excellent sound.

◎ one rack space is occupied

◎ 3.6SP three input interfaces - six output interface inputs can be assigned to any one output

◎ slope is 12 dB/Oct, 18 dB/Oct, 24 dB

◎ Oct and 48dB/Oct / 682ms input delay, 21ms output delay

◎ Use linkwitz-riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters

◎ Parametric equalizer: full bandwidth, 1/64 to 4 times range

◎ Eeach output is equipped with an intuitive user interface with a finite amplitude generator

◎ Through the front panel, RS232 can be programmed

◎ 48KHz sampling frequency

◎ Independent input and output instructions

◎ Balanced input and output XLR speaker interface

◎ Equipped with special PC control software

◎ Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, 0.25dB

◎ Distortion (THD + N) : <0.01%

◎ Dynamic range: >110

◎ Maximum delay: 682ms on inputs, 682ms on outputs

◎ The Output gain adjustment of the Output gain adjustment: -40dB to +12dB

◎ Parametric equalizer: six input segments and four output segments each

◎ Equalizing Input GEQ: No

◎ C