B-1200(3U) Professional power amplifier

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■ B series use particular perfect protection circuit , It’s DISTORTION is less and

BASS is strong, suitable for Indoor and Outdoor various shows

■ With powerful fans and thick heat-sink to make the cooling faster (2U:700W & 800W;

3U:1400W & 1500W use 4 fans) so the amplifier can be used for long time, So it can

works for hours continuously perfectly

■ With perfect protection function, over heat, Short circuit, DC safeguard,Over loading,

Boot Strap Short Test etc

■ With 30Hz hi-pass switch on the back panel(2U), more convenient for the user

■ With 30Hz hi-pass, 150Hz LO-PASS and LIMITER switch on the back panel (3U),

more convenient for the user

■ All the transformer USES 100% copper transformer to make the power amplifier more


■ 3U amplifier very thick foams (Top is 6.0 cm and the Bottom is 6.0 cm inside the packin box), so the amplifier can be protected safety and damage during transportation