Beta 56A Snare/Drum Microphone

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This compact drum cymbal microphone is made for close-range pickup of the snare drums and drums. Its super heart-shaped design maximizes the isolation of other sounds on the stage.

Best for: Snare drums, drums, percussion


Built-in bracket adapter with dynamic locking system and XLR interface simplify setup and provide greater flexibility

A consistent supercardioid pattern that provides high gain before feedback and effectively suppresses off-axis sound

Compact design reduces clutter on stage

Rugged steel mesh cover prevents wear and tear

Neodymium magnets provide high signal to noise ratio output

Advanced pneumatic damping system minimizes the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration

Frequency response: 50 to 16,000 Hz

Technical specifications

Sensor Type: Dynamic

Pickup Mode: Supercardioid

Frequency response from: 50 Hz

Frequency response to: 16 KHz

Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): -51 dBV/Pa

Sensitivity (mV/Pa): 2,8 mV/Pa

Weight: 468 g