BG-V20 Wireless Microphone

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Chassis specification: 1U

Number of channel groups: 100 channels for A and B channels respectively

Frequency bandwidth: 60MHz

Carrier frequency band: 620.8-680.5MHz

Modulation method: FM

Effective working distance: generally 70 meters (open space)

Receiving sensitivity: -105dBm

Noise ratio: >105dB (A)

Distortion: <0.8%

Audio output telescreen: 8dBu max

Comprehensive T.H.D:﹤0.4%@1KHz

Comprehensive frequency response: 65Hz-18KHz±3dB

Power supply: 12-18V DC, current 500MA, powered by external power supply

Carrier frequency band: 620.8-680.5MHz

Frequency bandwidth: 60MHz

High wave printing: >55dBc

Maximum frequency deviation: ±55KHz

Frequency Response: 60Hz - 18KHz

Signal-to-noise ratio: >102dB (A)

Distortion: <0.5%

Size (including microphone head): 250mm*53mm

Weight: 350g

Sound head: moving coil, cardioid directivity

RF output power: 8mW, 8mW/15mW

Battery: lithium battery. 1000MAH; charging time is about 2.5 hours

Current Consumption: 90mA

Battery consumption/life: about 6-8 hours