BL288 Dual Channel Wireless Mic

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Adopting the design of UHF dual channel multi frequency points, using high-precision digital DSP technology, it has automatic search and selection frequency and ACT (automatic channel tracking and locking) function, manual frequency modulation, frequency locking, and both the host and handheld are equipped with power display. The electronic volume control button has five complete functions, with a wide and clear LCD display, and the appearance design is avant-garde and fashionable.


1. Using the UHF 630-690MHz frequency band, using a digital DSP frequency locking system with 200 optional channels

2. Automatic frequency scanning function, long press the SET button of the receiver to automatically search for frequency points without interference and automatically stop. The transmission is aligned with the infrared frequency window, and long press the SET button of the receiver to complete the automatic search for corresponding frequency points

3. Electronic volume independent volume adjustment

4. Two independent Karen balanced output ports

5. A 6.35mm hybrid output socket

7. Receiver and transmitter LCD display, signal strength, audio dynamics, electronic volume level, operating frequency, etc. are clear at a glance

8. Effective distance of 80 meters

9. DC12V power supply adapter

System parameters:

Carrier frequency 630-690MHz

Modulation method DSP

Band width 60MHz

Channel 2 × 100 channels

Frequency stability ± 0.005%

Dynamic range>105dB

Maximum modulation rate ± 68KHz

Harmonic distortion ≤ 0.5%

Frequency response 50Hz to 18KHz (± 3dB)

False interference ratio 80dB

Signal to noise ratio>105 dB

Effective distance>100m

Working temperature -10 ° C -+40 ° C


Power supply DC 12V/500mA

Consumption power 3W

Receiving sensitivity 5dB µ V

Audio output mixed output: 400mV/k3, balanced output: 250Mv/600


Maximum transmission power: 30mW

Battery (1.5V AA × 2)

Battery continuous use time High:>10 hours, Low:>15 hours