BM 800 USB Microphone Knob

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Recording microphone BM800 diaphragm condenser microphone

Personalized appearance, using 16-core microphone core

The microphone has high sensitivity and clear sound, and is designed for music lovers. It is a microphone selection for network K song, audio production and voice chat.

This product is widely used in YY voice chat, personal recording, and computer karaoke production.


• Personalized appearance, colorful and optional

• Configure windproof net cotton to effectively eliminate the “POP” sound during recording

• Development of personal recordings using diaphragm heads

• High sensitivity pickup for wide applicability

• Audio processing circuit design with low noise, high sound pressure level and large dynamic range

Need 5-48V power supply to work properly / Can be used with 48V phantom power, external sound card, USB small sound card

Equipment use

Function: reverberation adjustment, volume adjustment, real-time monitoring

Configuration: microphone, clip, small three feet, 14 core, 1.5 m USB cable, windproof cotton, manual