BM700 condenser microphone

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1. High-sensitivity condenser wheat core with clear sound and high degree of reduction.

2. Cardioid directional picking provides clear recording results.

3. High signal to noise ratio.

4. Damping device to reduce operating noise

5. Suitable for indoor studios, personal recordings, live broadcasts, etc.

Directivity: one-way

Frequency response: 20hz-20Khz

Sensitivity: 45db + -3db (0db = 1v / paat 1khz)

Output impedance: 1500Ω (at 1khz)

Load impedance:> = 1000Ω

Equivalent noise level: 16dba

Current consumption: 3MA

Unit size: 46X150MM

Monomer weight: 346g

Microphone * 1

Windproof cotton * 1

Shock mount * 1

Audio cable * 1

Manual warranty card

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