BX5 D2 speaker

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Professional monitoring for any studio

The CARBON series of studio monitors help you track, monitor and mix with confidence by providing accurate sonic and dynamic acoustic control. Equipped with a 5" by 8" woven Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1" natural silk dome tweeter, the CARBON Series delivers flat frequency response, enhanced stereo imaging, and increased clarity for realistic mixes in a space-saving design. Bi-amplified An 80-watt Class A/B amplifier means high power and low noise, ensuring your monitor setup can handle today's modern music with ease.With the CARBON Series, your music can adapt to any listening environment.

sweet spot

The tweeter's waveguide has been enhanced to provide a wide sweet spot and excellent stereo imaging. A wider mix position gives you professional monitoring in studios of any caliber. Pinhole-mounted LED placement cues help locate and illuminate the sweet spot to ensure speaker placement reliably translates stereo information and frequencies. When the LED lights up, you'll know you're in the center and ready to start mixing or laying tracks with the CARBON Series.

acoustic control

Mixing doesn't happen in a vacuum. Your listening environment affects your mixing decisions and ultimately the sound of your music. The CARBON Series Acoustic Space Controls are a range of calibrated switches that help provide optimal acoustic conditions for tracking, mixing and monitoring anywhere. Adapt the CARBON series to any mixing environment—from bedroom to basement to professional studio—without compromising frequency detail or stereo image. The result is a flexible monitoring setup for the most demanding mixing environments. Specifications:

• Type: Two-way nearfield studio reference monitor

• Bass unit: 5-inch (128mm) Kevlar curve tapered high-temperature-resistant high-temperature voice coil, insulating rubber ring, fully anti-magnetic design

• Tweeter unit: 1 inch (28mm) pure natural silk dome antimagnetic design

• Frequency response: 56Hz-22kHz

• Crossover frequency: 2.2 kHz

• Bass head power: 40 W

• Tweeter head power: 30 W

• Signal-to-noise ratio: greater than 100 dB

• Input connections:

• 1 x XLR balanced input

• 1 x TRS balanced/unbalanced input

technical specifications

• Polarity: At + level, the woofer produces an outward cone deflection

• Input resistance: balanced 20 KΩ, unbalanced 10 KΩ

• Input sensitivity: Louder volume, sound pressure at 1 meter 85 mV pink noise input produces 90 dBA output

• Prote