BY-WM8 SLR external UHF wireless microphone

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The microphones used for interviews are generally directional, the surrounding ambient noise is relatively small, and the voice is clear.

Sound quality:

Interview microphones not only have a pickup function, they are far superior to digital recording equipment in terms of the breadth of the sound range and the level of sound.

UHF FM wireless interview microphone

Barrier-free 80m transmission distance, suitable for Tik Tok video production, electronic news interview,

Digital SLR camera for professional occasions such as shooting.

Digital SLR camera for professional occasions such as shooting.

U segment high frequency

Stable reception without dropping frequency

Intelligent noise reduction without distortion

Wireless transmission

Long-distance reception

Capacitor microphone

SLR camera remote recording

The wireless frequency range is 620-690MHZ, 80 meters of wireless transmitting and receiving distance

The signal is stable, and the sound quality transmission is not affected, so that the recording is free.

U-band wireless encryption technology

Stable and frequent work

Wireless automatic connection, no need to set frequency, automatic connection will be successful after power on,

Say goodbye to cumbersome connection methods, safe signals and stable and fast transmission.

Press the frequency switching button to switch the frequency with one click.

The receiver automatically docks to the frequency point,

The green light is on for successful connection,

There are a total of 16 channel selections for the machine.

Suitable for many occasions

The body adopts a thin design and has good concealment.

Suitable for street interviews, program interviews, conference lectures, teaching recordings, micro-film shooting,

Shooting scenes such as reality shows and mobile live broadcasts. This equipment can use 48 sets at the same time,

Staggered sets of frequencies prevent the product, and you can also control the recording volume of each set individually.