CF02 Interview mic

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1. Strong all-metal fuselage design, comfortable feel.

2. There are two kinds of sound pickup modes: heart-type and super-center-type, and the pickup mode is more flexible.

3. Heart pickup mode is suitable for close pickup. Supercentric mode is suitable for long-distance pickup.

4. The application scenario is extensive. Applicable to interviews, speeches, meetings, mobile phones, digital cameras, cameras, etc.

Directionality: unidirectional (cardioid orientation-hypercentric orientation)

Microphone core: 9.7mm in diameter

Frequency response: 100 hz-16 kHz

Sensitivity: close range - 45dB; long range - 38dB

Output resistance: 1000for short distance and 2300for long distance

Power supply voltage: DC1.5V

Effective pickup distance: 3M

Microphone weight: about 130g

Microphone size: 36.5*2.2cm