CT-160S 16-channel professional mixer

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1. Color: Black

2. Material: Metal

3. Max. Input Level:

MIC 24dBu

Line 24dBu

Other Line 20dBu

4. Max. Output Level:

XLR 24dBu

TRS 24dBu

5. Master Meters: 10 Segment -24dB to CLIP

6. Channel Meters: 1 LED Signal Indication

7. Frequency Response: 20Hz to 30KHz 0.5dB

8. CMRR(MIC 1KHz): >75d

9. THD+N: <0.01%(Channel to mix out)

10. Crosstalk at 1kHz:

Fader shutoff > 85dB Mute shutoff >85dB Inter channel >82dB

11. Noise, rms 22Hz to 22kHz:

EIN -122dBu Residual output noise < -90dBu

L/R main mix noise < -82dBu Aux mix noise<-82dBu

12. MONO EQ:

LF, shelving, +/-15dB, 12KHz

HM, peak/dip, +/-15dB, 2. 5KHz

LF, shelving, +/-15dB, 80HZ

13. Mono Channel

XLR balanced, pin 2 hot, 2K ohm, Sensitivity -40 to +14 dBu

TRS balanced, tip hot, 10K ohm, Sensitivity -20 to+14 dBu XLR, phantom+48V

14. 2-track Return: RCA, unbalanced, 4K ohm, -2 dBu

15. 2-track Send: RCA, unbalanced, <75 ohm, -2 dBu

16. L/R Output: XLR balanced, pin 2 hot, <75 ohm, +4 dBu, Max+22 dBu

17. FX/AUX Output: TRS unbalanced, tip hot, <75 ohm, -2 dBu, Max +18 dBu

18. Headphones: TRS, tip L, ring R, 30 to 600 ohm

19. Max. Power Input Power: 40 Watts