CT-80S 8-channel professional mixer

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Main features:

1. 8-channel mono input, high-quality microphone amplifier

2. 3-band frequency input

3. High-precision 2-channel level display

4. 60mm high analysis and durable fader

5. Built-in professional digital effects processor

6. Microphone output monitoring

7. Recording output

8. USB input, stereo output

Technical Parameters:

▲Maximum output level: 19dBm (1KHz, THD=0.5%)

▲Residual noise: -105dB

▲Signal to noise ratio: ≤ 80dB

▲Equivalent noise source input electromotive force: -115dBm

▲Headphone output power: 100mw (1KHz, THD=0.5%, 200Ω)

▲Equalization: Low frequency: 80Hz ±15dB

Intermediate frequency: 2.5KHz±15dB

High frequency: 12KHz ±15dB

▲Gain control: mono -60dB~-40dB

▲Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz(±3dB)

▲Total harmonic distortion + noise: ≤0.003% (1KHz, 0.775V)