DB-102 Condenser microphone

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DB-102 Capacitor Microphone is a product specially designed for network K song and computer recording. It has high sensitivity, wide frequency bandwidth, low noise and wide dynamic range. The sound quality is clear, delicate and mellow. Metal structure, champagne gold, fashionable appearance, exquisite and beautiful

Technical parameters:

1. Frequency range: 30-20000Hz

2. Sensitivity: > 25mV/Pa (-32dB+2dB)

3. Directivity: Heart

4. Harmonic distortion of amplifier: <0.1% (1000Hz output <400mV)

5. Inherent noise: <3uv (A weighted IEC standard)

6. Output impedance: <200_

7. Load impedance: > 1000_

8. Power supply: 48V phantom power supply

9. Volume: 51 *130mm