DB-5000 Large diaphragm recording microphone

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Multi-pointing, gold-plated Mylar diaphragm, 48V phantom power supply, transistor no output transformer, balanced output, high sensitivity, low noise, low distortion, wide frequency response, easy to use, heart-shaped, 8-shaped multiple directionality can be switched by switch The sound is full and thick, and it is suitable for recording and amplifying in various high, medium and low-grade places.

The main parameters:

Directivity: heart shape

Sensitivity: 25mV/Pa (-32dB±2dB)

Frequency range: 30-20000Hz

Electrical impedance: ≤200Ω

Bass switching: 6dB/octave belov 500Hz

Equivalent noise level: 13dB (A weighting)

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 96

Maximum sound pressure: 130dB (1KHz, distortion ≤ 1%)

Power supply: 48V phantom power supply

Volume: φ51×170mm