DG-15 2 channels true diversity wireless microphone

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1 radar search frequency

2Signal strength SQ setting

3 Unique ID lock frequency DPLL

4 stage-level sound quality

5 Real-time monitoring of dual screen status

6 LCD screen status real-time monitoring, battery display

7Integrated mini four-line antenna splitter, true diversity UHF, stable signal, strong anti-interference ability.

Suitable for scenes: small and medium-sized performances, school projects and other occasions.


Chassis specifications: standard 1U chassis

Number of channel groups: dual channels

Carrier frequency band: 615~665MHz 780~820MHz

Modulation method: FM

Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer

Frequency stability: ±0.0005%

Sensitivity: When the offset is equal to 25KHz and 6dBμV is input, S/N>60dB

Maximum deviation: ±45kHz

Frequency bandwidth: 40MHz

Comprehensive S/N ratio: >108 dB

Comprehensive T.H.D.: <0.4% @ 1 KHz

Comprehensive frequency response: 65Hz~18kHz ± 3dB,

Maximum output voltage: balanced: -20dBV/100Ω,

Unbalanced: -4dBV/5KΩ.

Output socket: XLR balanced and 6.3φ unbalanced socket

Effective working distance: 200 meters in general (open place)

Power supply: 100-240V AC50/60 Hz, 10W

Weight: 4.3KG

Size (mm): 421 (L) ×43 (H) ×206 (W)

Handheld transmitter microphone

Carrier frequency band: 615~665MHz 780~820MHz

Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer

Harmonic radiation: <-63dBm

Frequency bandwidth: 80MHz

Maximum deviation: ± 45KHz

Power output: 10mW

Frequency response: 50Hz~18KHz

Maximum input sound pressure: 130dB SPL

Sound head: moving coil

RF power output: 8mW; 8mW/15mW(Selectable)

Battery: AA×2

Current consumption: <110 mA

Battery consumption: Almost 6 Hours

Size (mm): 265mm long × 56mm diameter