DG-8002 2 Channel Wireless Microphone

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The product uses the latest transmitter chip Bk9531, the maximum transmission power is 14dBm

Microphone gain range: o~47.5dB per step 0.5dB audio AGC and limiter

Dedicated GplO indicates the energy of the transmitted audio signal (GP丨o3), automatic noise suppression

Support dual-frequency diversity transmission, support external PCM/l|s dual-mode digital audio interface

Working voltage 2.8~3.6V

Working frequency 515~580MHz

Digital modulation method Pi/4DQpsk occupies bandwidth,

<300KHz transmission rate 204.8ksps,

Audio signal-to-noise ratio is 96dB, frequency response is 30~20kHz,

1 byte dedicated data channel 7kbpS,

The internal CRc check audio and data are transmitted with 32-bit encryption.

Features of receiver chip B9532:

Receiving sensitivity: 99dBm

Maximum support 4 antenna diversity

Antenna automatic selection


Dedicated GPlO indicates the energy of the received audio signal

Dedicated GPl0 indicates the synchronization status of sending and receiving

Two-band digital reverb, 15-band digital audio equalization

Active/passive anti-howling and packet loss compensation mechanism.

In normal use, the receiving distance can reach 200 meters.