DGNOG UM22C USB-C Audio-Interface

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Summary of selling points of DGNOG UM22 USB-C audio interface

1. High-quality audio performance: high-end A/D and D/A converters, supporting up to 192kHz sampling rate and 32-bit depth, suitable for professional recording needs.

2. User-friendly control panel: Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, including gain, volume, sample rate, depth, etc., makes audio recording and editing easy for novices.

3.Flexible input and output: 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs, supporting multiple interface types, including XLR, TRS and RCA, to meet various recording needs.

4.Low Latency: Digital DSP chip provides dynamic balance, ultra-low latency and clear sound quality, suitable for professional recording and performance.

5.Durable Design: Sturdy metal housing and high-quality components provide excellent durability and stability, independent power adapter ensures stable operation.

6.Latest driver chip technology: support Windows 10 and Apple's plug-and-play, no need to install any driver, and provide ASIO driver.

7.Free software packages: including free audio software packages such as Pro Tools First, Tracktion T7 and BIAS FX LE, it is convenient for users to record and produce professional-level audio.

Technical Parameters:

AD/DA conversion IC of Japan AsahiKASEI company, fully differential input, the highest sampling rate reaches 768 kHz, 32bit;

The digital DSP chip of American ADI company has good dynamic balance, ultra-low delay and clear sound

USB interface chip from Taiwan Comtrue company, support IOS, Android, Windows, OS system, professional sound card ASIO driver; sampling rate supports 44.1KHz ~192KHZ; 16bit~32bit;

Output parameters:

L-R output up to 5V;

Monitor supports 16 ohm or 32 ohm headphones, the maximum power is 220mW

Mic S/N (Signal to Noise Ratio): 115dB/Signal to Noise Ratio: 115dB;

Mic adjustable gain:+40dB/Microphone maximum gain: 40dB;

S/(N+D): 106 dB/Signal to Noise and Distortion Ratio: 106db

Process parameters:

All metal construction, the control panel adopts aluminum sandblasting process

The knob is made of metal aluminum with precision workmanship

The display adopts 1.54 inch LCD isp full viewing angle