DL602 2 Handheld universal wireless microphone

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1: frequency:676-697MHz

2: the channel number of 48 conservative

values each time the positive.ID. In the manufacturer set the switch.

3: Oscillation mode:DSP chip frequency locking4:frequency stable:10pm5:RF efficiency: 10dBm6:FG:40-18000Hz7:distortion:<0.5%

4: battery specification:3.7V186501200mAlithium battery

5: dedicated time 4-8 hours (specification 1: frequency norm 676-697MHz, depending on battery type and capacity)"

receiver specifications

1: frequency:676-697MHz

2: the number of channels is 48(each

conservative value is timed by ID lattice in the manufacturer's frequency.

3: Oscillation mode DSP chip frequency fixed4: rate stability+ 10 ppm

4: bonding instruction-95-71 dBm6: frequency 40-18000Hz7:distortion<0.598: signal ratio 390dB

5: high frequency output 300m /r(maximum)"