DZ01 dual function window intercom

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◆ Adopt two-way voice intercom communication technology, automatically recognize and process voice signals, without any operation during the call;

◆ Dedicated side sound processing chip, with automatic noise suppression function, and can effectively improve howling;

◆ Comprehensive application of electro-acoustic technology. Choose the electroacoustic circuit design with excellent performance, the sound is clear and loud, the voice resolution is high, anti-interference, and no noise function;

◆ It can output internal and external sound signal recording interface (cooperate with bank teller recording);

◆ It adopts stereo socket output mode, and has the recording function which is not controlled by the power switch and various function buttons;

◆ The whole machine has beautiful appearance and smooth lines. The product design fully considers the use environment factors, and is committed to improving work efficiency for users.

◆ Application: It is used in any window that needs anti-theft, anti-vandalism, and difficult conversation, such as: banks, securities, post offices, railway stations, subway windows, cash desks, insurance companies, ticket offices, hospitals and other places.

Working voltage: DC12V/1A

Energy conversion method: capacitive

Directional characteristics: cardioid direction of inner microphone, omnidirectional direction of outer microphone

Frequency response: 100Hz-13kHz

Peak power: 2×5W

Speaker impedance: 4 ohms

External speaker interface: 4P×3.5mm interface

Line input interface: 3.5mm unbalanced

Recording output interface: 3.5mm balanced