EC-04 USB 4-channel mixer live broadcast function

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99 kinds of digital DSP reverberation, 5 kinds of sound effect scenes, one-key elimination of the original sound, mobile computer Internet celebrity live broadcast, Bluetooth playback, music up and down, with 48V phantom power, 3-pin XLR output, AUX auxiliary output, XLR and 6.35 Hybrid universal socket, balanced XLR socket/6.35mm socket combination

Condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, wireless microphones, guitars, passive speakers, etc. Suitable for recording studios, public address systems, bars, broadcasting, live broadcasting, TV and film post-production, etc.

Through the wireless Bluetooth connection, you can tune music from iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones within 10 meters, fast and stable. It also supports USB/MP3 playback, computer/U disk recording. The MP3 part has independent volume control.

TYPE-C USB interface, this interface can be connected to digital devices such as computers/mobile phones for live broadcast use. (It should be noted that, when connected to a computer, this device needs to be set as the default recording device in the computer's recording settings. Other recording devices need to be disabled. This is something that some computers cannot recognize and need to be set manually.

You also need to pay attention to some mobile phones that need to open the OTG in the phone settings, support Apple mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones, Honor mobile phones, oppo mobile phones, Meizu mobile phones, VivO mobile phones, do not support Xiaomi mobile phones, no OTG function, oppo mobile phones, Meizu mobile phones, Vivo mobile phones Need to open the phone settings, other settings, open the OTG function)