EFX8 8-channel professional mixer

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*Built-in Lascom 24bit effector

* Observe the signal level LED, monitor the signal level status

*Precise GB30 microphone preamplifier

*Provide truly professional +48V phantom power for condenser microphones

*Insertion point for external effect processing

*Mixer input channel specifications 8/12 channels

*AUX send all can be switched to pre-fader or post-fader

*FX send

*Built-in universal power supply

The difference between EFX and EPM

*The input channel of the EFX multi-purpose mixer is sent by an FX to the built-in Lexicon Lexicon kangaroo effector and an AUX send port using an external processor.

*EPM does not have a built-in Lescom effector, the EPM input channel uses the second AUX send instead of the FX send.

*The stereo input channel of the EFX multipurpose mixer has 3 EQs.

*The stereo input channel of the EPM multipurpose mixer has 2 EQs.