EM-6Pro Studio Microphone

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1. EM-6Pro features

Heart-shaped finger ringing, vocal speech, performance chorus, compared to EM-6, Pro version is richer in level of detail, especially in the middle and high frequencies.

2. Sensitivity: -55 dBv ± 1dB at 1kHz (0dB = 1V / Pa)

3. Power: Power: 8-50V phantom power, current about 2mA

4. Harmonic distortion: THD 0.5% / 1KHz Sound pressure level: 94dB / SPL

5. Weight: 130g; size: 107 * 22mm

6. Signal to noise ratio S / N: 73.5dB (A); 1KHz @ 1Pa (94 dB APL)

7. Directional Characteristic: Heart-shaped finger ring Non-directional