EN-M12 12 channels digital mixer

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Adopt high-performance digital signal processor, precise 40 bit floating point math operation, 24bit/48KHz high performance ADC/ DAC, 114dB typ. dynamic range. Pay attention to every detail of the sound you pay attention to, and show the rich sound connotation.

●10 signal inputs (6 MIC inputs, 1 stereo analog input, 1 stereo USB/

Bluetooth/PC sound card input)

●6 signal outputs {main output LR, 2 AUX, 1 stereo recording, HeadPhone)●4.3-inch high-brightness true-color display with smart capacitive touch screen.

It adopts 100mm stable.durable, high-speed electric fader, which is easy to operate and feel good.

USB Media playback, supports MP3, AAC, WAV, AlFF, APE or FLAC file formats. Use an oxternal U disk to record directly, without an extemal computer, In addition,you can also use a PC sound card to record.

USB interface Bluetooth, plug and play, connect your mobile phone's Bluetooth device at any time to realize wireless music playback.

Practical howling suppression function, each microphone input channel can add howling

suppression function.

The built-in DSP digital effector is equipped with various effect modes commonly used in

vocals and musical instruments to choose at will,

The input channel has analog gain, 4-band PEQ, high/ow pass filter, noise gate,

compressor, polarity reyersal. feedback suppressor, independent 48V phantom power supply,θtC.

● The output channel has 4-band PEQ, high/low pass filter, compressor, delayer.● Channel parameter copy function, quickly copy data to each channel.

● Optimized MICs automatic mxang function,multiple MICs can be used at the same time,

intelligent volume distribution management.

● Provides 6 dedicated shortcut buttons for scene modes, which can be used to quickly recall

new scenes with one key when needed.

Support 100 sets of channel presets, which can be exported and imported to/from USB

storage for easy data backup.

The UDP control command open to the third party can easily roalize the remote central

control function.

● Support multi-system platform APP control (lOS Apple, Android, windows)

● The ISUeasyTM remote firmware upgrade function supports a comprehensive upgrade of the system (including the MCU program) by booting the upgrade package data from the USB port, ensuring that the digital mixer you have purchased can be easily and completely upgraded to the latest state.

Anti-misoperation, with one-key lock function.