ER-2080 Wireless Ear-Monitor System

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Note: The system is mono (not stereo)

For this in-ear monitoring system: 550 Mhz to 580 Mhz

Emitter material: metal

Receiver material: plastic


1. UHF band wireless in-ear monitoring

2.40 Preset channels, 4 groups (10 channels per group)

3. Single gearbox

4. It is very suitable for stage monitoring, tour guides, etc. Standard rack unit design, easy to install 6. 3 sets of frequencies. Dual transmitter and receiver design

Transmitter: in-ear monitor transmitter body size: 19 "Equipment shell size: 4 sets of transmitters: drop all-metal design vibration mode: PLL synthetic frequency stability:+/-0.005% frequency range: UHF550-580 MHz frequency change: 32 MHz operating mode: manual setting unchanged: single tuning sensitivity deviation: 25 KHz 7 dBuV, S/N, 78dB maximum deviation:+/- 48 KHz frequency response: 50Hz, 15 KHz+/- 3dB actual output: 100 mWAF input: XLR, 6.3mm, F; headphone output: 6.3mm, F; single jack electrical Stream input: DC 12 V/250mA antenna jack: BNC jack


Oscillation mode: PLL synthetic frequency stability: ± 0.005%

Frequency range: UHF 550~580MHz Frequency interval: 32MHz

Preset channels: 40 channels; 4 groups of operation modes: manual adjustment

Receiving mode: single tuning

Sensitivity: deviation 25KHz, connection 7dBuV, S/N>78dBMax deviation: ± 48KHz

Comprehensive S/N ratio:>94 db (1KHZ-A) Comprehensive T.H.D:<1% @ 1KHZ

Frequency response: 80Hz~15KHz Main 3dB output power (32Q): 2x35mw@1KHZEarphone Load impedance: ≥ 16Q

Output socket: 3.5mm headphone socket volume output adjustment: adjust the power box when using: battery AAX2

Current consumption: 3V/120mA (at

Volume control)

Antenna: fixed 1/2 in

packing:Color box

Contains 2 headphone cables + 2 machine cables + 2 belt bags, one power cable