F3 Equalizer

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It adopts the algorithm of echo cancellation and reverb elimination to effectively filter the room reverb, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating acoustic feedback. By adding shielding noise (inaudible noise) to the output signal, or changing the frequency of the output signal by 5 Hz, the feedback suppressor can detect the components of the signal that cause reverberation and remove them before the feedback occurs, while leaving the initial signal intact. Number of input channels :2 channels (2 channels balanced line/microphone input or select 2 channels 6.35 unbalanced input). 24V phantom power switch selection module, can provide power for 2 microphones...

Features and Benefits:

★ No need to debug, automatically adapt to the acoustic environment;

★ Gain of 6dB up to 12dB under any use condition;

★ No matter how many mics you open, the effect is still excellent;

★ Automatic, no debugging, zero maintenance.

★ Eliminates feedback before it happens ★ Automatically ADAPTS to the acoustic environment

★2 channel balanced line or microphone input to provide phantom power ★ Adaptive filter can be converted between "fast" mode and "precise" mode.

★ Fast mode is suitable for situations where the microphone position changes frequently:

For example, in a discussion system with multiple conversion microphones. The precise mode is suitable for situations where the microphone position is fixed.

For example, the acoustic environment is more complex in the pulpit.

Adaptive filters are able to converge at a slower rate, thus suppressing more reverberation components.

★ Built-in automatic mixer to achieve priority functions.

Technical features:

★1. Ultra wide frequency response circuit technology, no tone change, no metal end sound, strong suppression of echo.

★2. Digital frequency shift technology, super anti-whistling, sound round and stable, no flapping and dry phenomena.

★3. Super stability: built-in crystal oscillation, software algorithm, good stability performance, little temperature and external interference.

★4. The appropriate audio spectrum can be customized for the application, resulting in a significant increase in system gain.

Technical parameters:

Number of input channels :2 channels (2 channels balanced input or select 2 channels 6.35 unbalanced input)

Phantom power supply :2 channels 24V phantom power supply

Rated voltage: AC~220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

Frequency response: 125Hz~15KHz

Distortion: < 0.1% @ 1KHz

SNR: > 90dB