F4 Sound mixer with bluebooth

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Technical Specification:

4/7channel input

Mono input channels with XLRs and balance line inputs

Ultra-music 3-band EQ on all channels

One AUX main line output

Internal equip with digital postponing mono effect

48V phanton power for switch

Balance/unbalance recoring and replay


Normal restrain: -88 dBμ

S/N: -82 dBμ

Frequency resoponse: +/-0.5 dBμ20Hz-50KHz

THD.N:<0.003% (at 1KHz)

MIC max power voltage: +16 dBμ

LINE max power voltage:+30 dBμ

STEREO max power voltage: +300 mW

Earphone output: 300 mW (200Ω)

Other output:+20 dBμ

EQ(Mono input)

Hi: 12KHz +/-15dB

Mid:600KHz,+/- dB

Low: 80Hz,+/- dB