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FBX4.4 Parameters:

This machine adopts new DSP digital processor technology, which is characterized by fool operation, automatic anti-whistling, high sound quality restoration, easy to solve the problem of sound feedback caused by the use of microphone.

Suitable for: meeting room, multi-function entertainment hall, small and medium performance, KTV room, home theater.

◎ Two in two out design.

◎ Multiple types of input and output sockets, Cannon XLR and 6.5 can be used.

◎ Boot automatic into the anti-whistling mode.

◎2 channels correspond to the input and output, and the input uses a new multifunctional socket, including (CANNON) XLR and 6.5

◎ Using the US DSP chip, digital processing system

◎ With double DSP double 68 filter points automatic scanning.

◎1 and 2 channels are allocated using 68 filters set within 1 DSP processor.

◎ Automatic dynamic filter to prevent whistling, anti-whistling start without affecting the sound quality.

◎ Every time the trap is activated to suppress the whistle, the equilibrium point is restored to balance for 2 seconds.

◎ The machine has a critical point automatic pressure limit function, in order to prevent signal overload resulting in distortion or damage to the equipment, when the sound is seriously too large, anti-whistling suppression at the same time, the pressure limit start to press down part of the sound, can prevent damage to the speaker equipment.

◎ When the volume returns to normal, the pressure limit will slowly recover. Under normal use, the pressure limit function does not start and does not affect any use.

◎ The rear panel has one-key gain function, which increases the startup by 12db. Power supply mode: 220V

Sound transmission gain: -1db or 11db

Line input impedance: 15kΩ

Line output impedance: 300Ω

Frequency response: 80Hz-15KHz

SNR: 82db