FBX440 Equalizer

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FBX440 Certificate:

This machine adopts new DSP digital processor technology, which is characterized by fool operation, automatic anti-whistling, high sound quality restoration, easy to solve the problem of sound feedback caused by the use of microphone.

Suitable for: meeting room, multi-function entertainment hall, small and medium performance, KTV room, home theater.

◎ four in four out design.

◎ Each channel has volume control and a new rotating indicator. Easy to see volume control size to prevent excessive volume distortion. Note that the light color indicators are: green normal use, yellow attention distortion, red is the limit danger indication.

◎ Each channel has a frequency indicator to help users clearly see the volume limit during use.

◎ Multiple types of input and output sockets, Cannon XLR and 6.5 can be used.

◎ Boot automatic into the anti-whistling mode.

◎ Each channel corresponds to the input and output, and the input uses a new multi-function socket, including (CANNON) XLR and 6.5

◎ Using the US DSP chip, digital processing system.

◎ Automatic scanning with 68 filter points set in the DSP processor.

◎1 and 2 channels are allocated using 68 filters set within 1 DSP processor.

◎ Automatic dynamic filter to prevent whistling, anti-whistling start without affecting the sound quality.

◎ Every time the trap is activated to suppress the whistle, the equilibrium point is restored to balance for 2 seconds.

◎ The machine has a critical point automatic pressure limit function, in order to prevent signal overload resulting in distortion or damage to the equipment, when the sound is seriously too large, anti-whistling suppression at the same time, the pressure limit start to press down part of the sound, can prevent damage to the speaker equipment.

◎ When the volume returns to normal, the pressure limit will slowly recover. Under normal use, the pressure limit function does not start and does not affect any use. Power supply mode: 220V

Sound transmission gain: -1db or 11db

Line input impedance: 15kΩ

Line output impedance: 300Ω

Frequency response: 80Hz-15KHz

SNR: 82db