FX12L Digital Power Amplifier

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Professional pre-amplifier adopts dual-mode reverb processing, which makes the vocal effect more abundant, natural and transparent. It is a high-fidelity smooth natural sweet style stereo dual reverb and multi-purpose karaoke effect. The output has front (rear) left and right channels, center channel, and subwoof frequency channel. And it is very simple and convenient to use like karaoke amplifier.

◎High-grade aluminum alloy panel is transported, 1U ultra-thin design, using karaoke adjustment to make debugging more convenient and easy.

◎The microphone is equipped with 6-band parameter equalization adjustment, the adjustment range is wider, the sound is more delicate and soft, and the original tone is not damaged, the single-band sound quality effect is improved, and the howling frequency is effectively processed.

◎Subwoof channel output design with crossover point and adjustable output gain; Subwoof channel has a perfect anti-low-frequency self-excitation circuit, when entering the MIC, the low-frequency signal output port is automatically attenuated by half to prevent low-frequency howling and damage to the device ; With microphone does not enter the Subwoof channel function.

◎The center output channel design can choose music/reverb ratio or pure human voice; and can independently control the volume and high, medium and low frequency adjustment.

◎There are 4 channels of MIC input, 2 channels on the front and 2 channels on the rear panel.

◎This machine has Bluetooth audio input, optical fiber input, USB input.