GLXD4-A Fixed frequency UHF wireless microphone

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AFS automatically searches for the cleanest frequency in the actual environment. After pressing the up key for 3 seconds, it will automatically search and lock to work on an undisturbed frequency.

1Signal strength SQ setting

2 Unique ID lock frequency DPLL

3 Stage sound quality

4 LCD screen real-time monitoring, battery display

5 Integrated mini two-wire antenna splitter, true diversity UHF, stable signal, strong anti-interference ability.

Applicable to: high-end KTV with professional sound quality. It supports simultaneous use of 80 private rooms without cross-frequency interference.


Chassis specifications: standard 1U chassis

Hot GLXD4 features:

1, high-end LCD display, pleasing appearance of the customer at first sight

2, using the high-end professional microphone core matching the height of the line, professional performance sound quality, real voice, penetrating power, full sound, strong anti-interference

3, Omnidirectional multi-oscillator high-gain antenna, better and stronger, better distance, strong stability

4, uHF intelligent core, ultra-high frequency, a strengthening circuit design of the module, to ensure no C continuous frequency within 50 meters