GT08S channel professional mixer

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"1.♬【Exquisite Sound Shaping & Diverse Sound Effects】- With 99 built-in DSP effects, including reverb, chorus, and delay, you can create a personalized music world. The independent 7-band EQ adjustment enables precise control of audio frequencies, allowing you to craft the perfect sound. Unleash your creativity and let your music shine with unparalleled charm!

2.♬【Seamless Audio Connectivity】- Effortlessly connect to IOS, Android, tablets, and MP3 players, and experience wireless audio transmission with the built-in Bluetooth feature. Furthermore, it supports various formats like MP3, USB, empowering your music to roam free.

3.♬【Exceptional Audio Quality & Ultimate Control Experience】- Equipped with gilded XLR and balanced line input interfaces, along with +48V phantom power supply, DGNOG GT08S mixer ensures ultra-low noise and high-quality audio effects. The high-precision LED indicators and rotary knobs provide accurate audio control, revealing the finest nuances in your music.

4.♬【Stylish Portable Design & Durability】- Its ultra-thin appearance facilitates easy portability, while the enclosed rotary knobs protect against dust, ensuring smooth operation. The sturdy casing design guarantees long-lasting performance, allowing your music creation and performances to remain uninterrupted.

5.♬【Fulfill Your Musical Dream】- GT08S audio mixer will ignite the passion for music deep within you, unleashing your musical potential. Whether on stage or in audio production, experience exceptional quality that delivers a stunning music experience to your audience. Embark on your musical journey now, making your music world even more vibrant!"