HT-DZII Window two-way intercom

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HT-DZII is a window two-way walkie-talkie, used in movie theater ticket gates, Taiwan Railway High-speed Rail ticket counters, color coupon shops, hospitals, drug collection windows, MRT service windows, checkout windows, pharmacies windows, meal collection windows, ticket buying windows, etc. .

The walkie-talkie has a fully automatic two-way intercom function. It is not necessary to press the switch continuously during the call. Both parties can talk and answer at the same time. The installation and operation are very simple and the quality is reliable.

The main and auxiliary equipment includes a speaker with two-way recording output function and a gooseneck microphone.

Power supply: AC 110V~240 V 50/60 Hz

Working voltage: DC 12~16 V.

Microphone sensitivity: -47±2 dB

Signal to noise ratio: 70 dB

Frequency response: 20Hz-20 KHz

Host power: 5W.

Maximum working current: 600 mA.

Dimensions: length 152 x width 135 x height 50 mm

Microphone boom length: 500mm [with anti-interference, anti-echo, anti-howling functions]

Net weight: about 600 grams (the rod length is 360mm)


Fully automatic two-way intercom, no keys needed.

Ultra-thin design of external speakers.

With anti-interference and anti-howling functions.

Two-way audio recording output.

The walkie-talkie has an automatic two-way intercom function, one party speaks and the other party answers. The installation and operation are extremely simple and the quality is reliable.


Configuration elements: main and auxiliary equipment including speakers and gooseneck microphones, receivers for customers, and a power transformer.

Power supply: AC 110V~240 V 50/60 Hz. , Working voltage: DC 12~16V.

Microphone sensitivity: -47±2dB.

Host power: 5W.

Maximum working current: 600mA.

Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz.

Host appearance: length 152mm x width 135mm x height 50mm.

Net weight: about 600g (subject to 360mm rod length).

Product acessories:

Suspended speaker output power: 2 W, the size is about 76 x width 90 x depth 25 mm.

Customer's receiver-microphone sensitivity: -44±2 dB (100Hz-15 KHz), the size is about 17mm high,

Microphone (small circle): 14 mm, paste position (large circle): 30 mm.

Net weight: a total of about 125 g, about 270 cm of signal connection cable.