K220S 2 Handheld universal wireless microphone

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"1.【Advanced Magnetic Battery Design】- Breaking traditions, the innovative magnetic battery design allows for effortless battery replacement. Fast 2-3 hours charging provides 5-7 hours of continuous use, letting you showcase your talent without worrying about battery depletion.

2.【Extended 60-Meter UHF Wireless Range】- Leading with UHF wireless technology ensures stable and clear transmission within a range of 60 meters. Whether on stage or in large conference rooms, enjoy the freedom to move around and interact with your audience, enhancing the flexibility of your performances.

3.【Superior Audio Experience】- Whether you're a singer, speaker, or host, the K220S wireless microphone delivers exceptional audio quality. High-quality microphone components and intelligent noise reduction technology ensure your voice shines on any stage or occasion.

4.【Intelligent Auto Frequency Connection】- Each microphone features 48 selectable frequencies, (CHA: 677-686 MHz; CHB: 687-696 MHz) easily switchable with a single click of the SET button. The microphone and receiver automatically connect upon powering on, eliminating the need for manual frequency matching. Get ready for your performance instantly. Moreover, the K220S karaoke wireless microphone is compatible with various audio devices such providing you with more options and convenience.

5.【Sturdy All-Metal Design】- Crafted with high-quality metal materials, the K220S handheld dual microphone is durable and robust. Its metal casing protects internal components, ensuring a reliable performance partner that allows you to unleash your passion.

6.【Advanced Connection】- If your microphone has no sound, Please make sure your microphone system has enough power and frequency is successfully matched. insert the mic jack, not an aux/line in jack.can write to us when you have any questions."