K-230U 2 channel wireless microphone

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U2080 Features:

●Using UHF high frequency band, less interference and more reliable transmission

●Adopt multi-channel frequency synthesis technology, easily provide more than 200 channels, and avoid various interferences when multiple units are used at the same time

●Advanced adjustable frequency technology, you can easily adjust the frequency and continue to use it even if it is interfered by the on-site frequency

●One-key frequency pairing, reject cumbersome operations, and continue to use after adjusting the frequency conveniently

●Lock function. avoid misuse

●Sensitivity is adjustable. Improve the anti-interference ability of the system

●LCD liquid crystal display, more intuitive

Technical Parameters

System indicators:

Carrier frequency range: 470MHz — 960MHz

(The frequency range and frequency points can be customized according to customer requirements)

Frequency bandwidth: 50MHz

Modulation method: FM frequency modulation

Modulation range: 50MHZ

Number of channels: 2×100CH

Channel spacing: 250 Khz

Maximum frequency deviation: ±100KHz

Frequency stability: ±0.005%

Dynamic range: >100dB

Comprehensive distortion: < 0.5%

Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >100dB

Frequency response: 50 — 18 KHz (±3dB)

Receiving distance: 2-60 meters

(The above tests are in an ideal environment, subject to actual use)

Receiver indicators:

Receiver power supply: 11-15V (rated 12V)

(with >500mA adapter)

Input power: AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ

Output mode (transmitter MIC input 50mV/1KHZ):

Independent balanced output (XLR): 230mV±15mV

Mixed output (6.35mm): 230mV±15mV

Receiver working current: <200mA,

Transmitter indicators:

Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer)

Frequency error: <15ppm

Power output: 10mW max (depending on applicable country codes),

Dynamic range: ≥100dB(A)

Frequency Response: 50-18 KHz(±3dB)

Transmitter working current: <135mA

Microphone pickup head: handheld: dynamic, lavalier, headset, meeting: capacitive

Transmitter power supply: 1.5V X 2 (2 AA batteries)

Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer)

Antenna interface: BNC seat

Receiving sensitivity: < -107dBm@20dB SINAD