K-2900 Digital Wired and Wireless Conference System

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Technical indicators of attending unit microphones

◆Working power supply: DC 3.7V-4.5V

◆Power consumption: standby≦360mW, voice state≦630mW

◆Working temperature -10℃-40℃

◆Microphone length: 240mm

◆Size (W×H×D): 170mm×58mm (without microphone rod)×120mm

◆Weight: 0.6 kg

Audio channel

◆Communication mode: UHF wireless mode (one-way)

◆Number of channels: 5 channels (1 chairman unit channel, 4 representative unit channels)

◆Frequency range: (Frequency range is available in the range of 610MHz --- 664.75MHz)

◆Modulation method: FM

◆Maximum modulation volume: 60K

◆Radiation power: ≦+ 9dBm

◆Frequency deviation: <0.002

◆Reference speech distance: 60cm

Control channel

◆Communication method: wireless (two-way)

◆Number of channels: 16

◆Frequency range: 422.4MHz-439.4MHz

◆Modulation method: FSK

◆Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm

◆Radiation power: ≦+ 6dBm

◆Frequency deviation: <0.002

System total parameter index

◆Signal coverage: indoor radius of 60 meters (not including the use of antenna extenders or antenna amplifiers)

◆Audio frequency response: 50Hz --- 15KHz

◆Total audio gain: ≦20dB

◆Signal-to-noise ratio:> 85dB

◆Audio total harmonic distortion: ≦0.8%

Dedicated lithium battery (optional)

Special lithium battery functional characteristics

◆High energy density, miniaturization, light weight, and high safety

◆The life of lithium battery is generally 300~500 charging cycles

Dedicated battery charging box (optional)

Features of dedicated battery charging box

◆ Adopt AC110V~240V switching power supply for power supply.

◆ It can charge 16 dedicated lithium batteries at the same time.

◆ With intelligent charging management circuit, it can effectively protect the battery.

◆ Equipped with telescopic rods and pulleys for easy movement.