K-515 Interface microphone

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Radio head: fixed charging back board, electrostatic type capacitive

Directivity characteristics: hemispherical supercardioid unidirectionality

Frequency response: 30-20.000Hz

Turn-on sensitivity: -34dB (19.9mV) at 1V at 1Pa

Output impedance: 200Ω

Maximum sound pressure: 133dB, 1kHz at 1%T.H.D.

Dynamic range (typical): 103dB, 1kHz at the highest sound pressure

Signal to noise ratio: 67dB, 1kHz at 1Pa

Phantom power supply: DC 48V, power consumption 2mA typical

Output connector: TB3M-3 pin card 侬 public seat

Connecting cable: 8m long, connecting cable, 2 core wires with shielded wires,

Connect with TA3F plug and 3-pin plug male plug

● Designed to place applications in the plane

● Hemispherical single directivity, which can suppress rear noise and clearly illuminate in front

● Small series of radio heads to eliminate reflective phase distortion and provide clear and high signal audio output

● Flat and unobtrusive design with low-reflective color paint

● Built-in mic preamplifier power supply component, no need to use external power supply module

● This series of microphones only for DC 48V phantom power operation