K6 Pre-effects

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Model: K6

Signal to noise ratio / left and right channels (1KHZ, 0dB): 90dB

Center channel: 87dB

Ultra-low channel: 87dB

Separation: 75dB

Frequency response / music: 10-30KHZ

Microphone: 20-15KHZ

Sound quality adjustment range / music bass: +/- 10dB (100HZ)

Treble: +/- 10dB (10KHZ)

Microphone bass: +/- 10dB (100HZ)

Treble: +/- 5dB (10KHZ)

Microphone squelch threshold: over-voltage 3MV, start-up time 3S

Distortion: (1KHZ, 30MV) 0.03%

Dimensions (WHD): 483 × 44 × 208mm

Power supply voltage: AC110-240V / 50-60HZ