K-711 professional speech floor microphone

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The use of elongated rods and rotating sound head 120 degrees outside the structure

Wide frequency response, strong ability to pick up, low noise, low distortion, supercardioid directivity, balanced output.

Suitable for choirs, lectures and lecture hall and other occasions. Exquisite appearance, you can

Up and down adjustment, convenient and practical

Transducer: Capacitive

Pointing Features: Supercardioid Single Point

Frequency response: 80-20000Hz

Signal to noise ratio:> 65dB

Output Impedance: 200Ω balanced

Sensitivity: -30dB

Reference pickup distance: 10-60cm

Supply voltage: 3V / 48V

Current consumption: 2mA

Color: Black frosted paint

Material: Zinc base alloy

Connection length: 8m

A set of inner box size: 12.53111.5

Two sets of outer box: 1273228CM

A set of outer box size: 1273215CM

K-711 (single shot) two sets of weight: 14.16KG

K-711 single set weight: 7.64KG