K8008 8 channels UHF wireless microphone

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Technical Parameters

Carrier frequency range: 600MHz-690MHz (4-band frequency range optional)

Modulation: FM

Maximum frequency deviation: + - 45KHz

Frequency response: 50Hz-15KHz

Signal to noise ratio (S/N): 105dB (A)

Distortion (1KHz): <0.3%

Operating temperature: -10 degrees to 55 degrees

Working distance: 100 meters (the best environment)

Power consumption: 8W

Static power: 3W


Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer)

Spurious Suppression: ≥80dB

Mirror suppression: ≥80dB

Sensitivity: 5dBuV

Audio output level: balanced output (XLR output jack): 250mV / 600Ω

Unbalanced output (1/4 "output jack): 400mV / 3KΩ

Operating voltage: DC12-18V

Working current: ≤ 350mA

Chassis Size: 420 175 42mm

In the case of

Handheld launchers

RF power output: up to 30mW (depending on applicable national specification)

Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer)

Transmitting frequency stability: <30ppm

Dynamic range: ≥ 100dB (A)

Frequency response: 50Hz-15KHz Maximum