K-8900 One tow two wired microphones

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System specification: Carrier Frequency Range: 470MHz-960MHz (frequency range and frequency point can be customized according to customer requirements) frequency bandwidth: 50MHz modulation mode: FM maximum frequency offset: ± 100KHz frequency stability: ± 0.005% dynamic range: & Gt 100 DB Integrated Distortion: & Lt; 0.5% integrated signal-to-noise ratio: & GT 100dB frequency response: 50-18khz (± 3DB) receiving distance: 60m (above test in ideal environment, for practical use as the criterion) receiver specifications: Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer) antenna interface: BNC receiver sensitivity: & Lt; -107 dbm@20dB SINAD receiver powered by: 11-15V (rated 12V)(one tow two uses & GT; 500ma adapter)(one tow four uses & GT; 1000ma adapter)(true diversity uses & GT; 1000MA adapter) output mode (transmitter MIC input 50mV/1KHZ) : independent balanced output (XLR) : 230MV ± 15mV hybrid output (6.35 mm) : 230MV ± 15mV receiver working current: One Tow Two: & Lt; 200mA, one tow four: & Lt; 370ma, one tow eight: & LT; 700MA, transmitter specifications: Oscillation mode: PLL (digital frequency synthesizer) frequency error: & Lt; 15PPM Power Output: MAX 10MW (depending on applicable national specifications) , (high power & LT; 100MW, 3.6 V 18650 lithium battery powered) dynamic range: ≥100dB (a) frequency response: 50-18khz (± 3DB) transmitter working current: & LT; 135MA microphone pickup head: Hand-held: moving coil type, collar clip, headband, conference: Capacitive, transmitter powered: 1.5 V X 2(2 AA batteries)