KSM9 Condenser Microphone

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The KSM9 handheld vocal microphone captures nuanced vocal details and accurately reproduces clear vocals in various live performances.

In various frequency ranges, the sound quality is guaranteed to be stable, providing higher gain before feedback, while reducing the proximity effect.

Gold-plated, lightweight Mylar® dual diaphragm design

Switchable pickup modes (ultra-high and wide)

Advanced Suspension Shock Mount

Top-level electronic components, including transformerless Class A preamplifier circuits

Gold-plated internal and external connectors, including XLR output Durable aluminum housing

Full-range frequency response (50 Hz - 20 kHz)

Wired and wireless options

Black version (wired), black and champagne version (wireless diaphragm)

Technical specifications

Sensor Type: Capacitor

Pickup Mode: Wide Heart Shape, Super Heart Shaped

Frequency response from: 50 Hz

Frequency response to: 20 KHz

Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): -51 dBV/Pa

Sensitivity (mV/Pa): 2,81 mV/Pa

Equivalent self-noise: 22 dB(A)

Sound pressure: 152DB