KT-2100A Wired conference system [8 core-network RJ45]

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*The system host integrates conference discussion and recording functions;

*Can install 19 inch standard cabinet

*The system has automatic memory function when power off;

*Sturdy aluminum alloy appearance is beautiful and durable;

*The number of chairpersons can be up to 12 chairperson units, and the number of speakers can be set arbitrarily from 1 to 12

*With 2.4-inch color display menu, meeting function control is realized through six function buttons

*The real-time speech status of the microphone can be viewed intuitively on the display of the host computer. Real-time monitoring in the background is more convenient.

*The system has a conference speech time that can be set between 0-99 seconds, and the time is set.

The microphone will be forced to stop speaking within a preset time to meet a variety of needs.

*Clear sound, high fidelity, low noise interference, strong confidentiality, easy installation

*With recording function, preset points can be set through the host keyboard without computer adjustment operation.

*Speaking mode has: first-in first-out mode; last-in first-out mode; full-open mode; number limit mode; chairman-only mode

*The system host has four-way connection eight-core connection port and RJ45 connection port to meet various engineering connections

* Arbitrary allocation of ID address code function to avoid duplication of ID addresses

*Support central control with central control RS232 interface

*Meeting recording interface, with multiple audio input and output ports