KT-600 Pre-effector

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Main functions:

⊙5.1 channel, L/R main channel output, BASS ultra-low frequency, SL/SR surround ratio, C medium output microphone signal;

⊙ Aluminum alloy wire-drawn panel, thickened steel frame, hidden adjustment; ⊙AC power filter,

⊙ Self-developed 24bit DSP reverberation module;

⊙ Microphone supports balanced/unbalanced input;

⊙ Microphone adjustable driver; Microphone feedback patent module;

⊙ Microphone 3 English fixed balance, high, middle, bass adjustment;

⊙ Music high, bass adjustment; Middle balance;

⊙ Professional 24bit digital conversion DSP effect processor;

⊙ Surround output music, vocals, effect volume ratio MIX mixing.

⊙ External active heavy bass interface, sub-bass output 25-250 Hz variable frequency division. Built-in exciter powerful shock!

⊙ Balance XLR and 1/4"TRS output, complete noise processing, quiet background.

Comes with 5.1 Bluetooth and fiber

⊙ Shielded transformer effectively prevents noise interference

⊙ Solid mechanical structure, standard 1U chassis. The fifth generation upgraded analog sound processor, 24bit effect, patent microphone amplifier, English EQ, 5.1 output, suitable for: recording studio, singing room, KTV, conference room, multi-function hall, small and medium-sized performance