KT-900 Pre-effector

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KT900L functions and parameters:

1. Equipped with ADI-28-/56-bitDSP algorithm chip, 192K sampling rate, support 5.1 channels (main stereo channel, subwoofer, middle, rear stereo), open PEQ, HPF, LPF, phase and other parameters adjustment

2. The panel is equipped with 2.0inch TFT color screen, supporting Chinese and English display, providing volume parameters, input microphone, music TV equal state visualization

3. Built-in 8 kinds of factory effect mode, can also be customized according to customer adjustment, easy to call and save

4. New Action audio decoding chip, can provide U disk playback, fiber coaxial input, support Bluetooth 5.1 protocol, with high sound quality, low latency Hi-Res high-definition audio processing

5. Professional reverberation echo algorithm, matching all kinds of professional mobile microphone, wireless microphone, high resolution of human voice, high dynamic low distortion, is a set of domestic and foreign relatively recognized effect

6. The whole machine has feedback suppression (anti-whistling), noise door, switch protection, panel lock and other functions

Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu) : +0/-0.3dB

Total harmonic distortion (20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu) : Signal-to-noise ratio: 98dB@ +4dBu A weight

Noise level: 90uV

Channel separation: < -101dB@ +4dBu

EQ gain range: ±18dB

Input impedance (balanced/unbalanced) : Bal:20K/Unbal:10K

Output impedance (balanced/unbalanced) : Bal:100ohm/Unbal:50ohm

MIC maximum input level: 200mVrms/Peak level 70mVrms

RCA maximum input level: 1.7Vrms/Peak level 450mVrms

Maximum output level: 2.5Vrms

Power consumption: 220-10 watts