KX500 Pre-effector

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KX500 technical parameters:

Professional karaoke, stage, power amplifier, audio reverb effects

Product introduction:

1. Karaoke effect with speaker processor function, each part of the function can be adjusted independently.

2. Adopt 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP.

3. The music has 7-band parameter equalization. Music to main output high-pass filter: 12dB/24dB (0Hz-303Hz)

4. The microphone has 15-band parameter equalization. With microphone pressure limit function.

5. The main output is equipped with 5-band parameter equalization. There is a compression limiter.

6. The center output, subwoof output and rear output (X3 does not have this output) are equipped with 3-band parametric equalization.

7. The microphone has 4 kins modes of feedback suppression : OFF 1 2 3.

8. 16 modes can be stored.

9. Microphone output, main output, center output, subwoof output, rear output (X3 does not have this output) are equipped with pressure limit and delay function.

10. There are manager mode and user mode. User mode cannot be stored after adjusting parameters.

11. The machine has a full-featured menu, which can be set through a powerful PC interface.



1. Music parameter equalization: 7-band

2. Music to main output high-pass filter: 12dB/24dB (0Hz-303Hz)


1. There are four microphone FBE modes: OFF 1 2 3

2. With microphone pressure limit function

3. 15-band microphone parameter equalization

Reverb effect


1. Echo low-pass filter: 5.99Hz-20.6KHz

2. Echo high-pass filter: 0Hz-1000Hz

3. Echo parameter equalization: 3-band

4. Echo level: 0~99.9%

5. Direct echo sound level: 0~99.9%

6. Echo pre-delay: 0~500ms

7. Pre-delay of echo right channel: 0~±50%, (relative to left channel)

8. Echo total pre-delay: 0~500ms

9. Echo right channel delay: 0~50%, (relative to left channel echo delay time)

10. Echo repetition: 0~90%


1. Adjustable range of reverberation low-pass filter : 5.99Hz-20.6KHz

2. Adjustable range of reverberation high-pass filter: 0Hz-1000Hz

3. Adjustable range of reverberation level: 0~99.9%

4. Adjustable range of direct reverberation sound: 0~99.9%

5. Adjustable range of echo pre-delay: 0~200ms

6. Adjustable range of reverberation time: 0~3000ms

Main output (working mode: singing/dancing (automatic/manual), including all parameters except pressure limit, delay, mute)

1. Music level: 0~200%

2. Direct sound level: 0~200%

3. Echo level: 0~200%

4. Reverberation level: 0~200%

5. 5-band m