KX800 Pre-effector

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KX800 pre-effect

1. Input two microphones in front and back, and adjust the independent volume sensitivity of each microphone

2. Built-in infrared reception, support remote control to send instructions

3.LCD LCD HD display, detailed display of the machine parameters and adjustment

4. There is MUTE button on the panel, supporting the output channel one-key mute function

5. The main output UV level light visualizes the audio level status of the left and right channels of the main output

6. Built-in Bluetooth 3.0 decoding module, can be connected to mobile phones or computers and other devices to play music

7. Support fiber input, 32bit high sampling rate decoding chip, low delay, lossless playback

8. Support U disk insertion to play MP3 format songs

9.PC-LINK function, can be connected to the upper computer software for online debugging

10.RS-232 serial port connection, can be connected to the central control host code command control

Signal to noise ratio (SNR) : 93dB

Distortion (THD) : 0.01%20Hz-20kHz

Frequency response:

MIC: 50Hz~16KHz±0.5db/1Khz@15mV(rms)

BGM: 20Hz~22KHz±0.5db/1Khz@1V(rms)

Output level and impedance:

MLR:4V(rms) 2.2KΩ

CEN:4V(rms)/2.2 KΩ

SUB:4V(rms)/2.2 KΩ

SLR:4V(rms)/2.2 KΩ

REC:775mV(rms)/2.2 KΩ

Input sensitivity and impedance

MIC: 6mV/3.3KΩ max:40mV

BGM: 300mV/47KΩ max:1.4V

Power: 18W

Power supply: ~220 V AC 50Hz

Net weight: 4.5kg

Dimensions (mm) : 440(W)X68(H)X266(D)mm